Friday, May 14, 2010

Movies planet-the place of watching free and online film

I am a movies lover who always makes time for watching newer movies especially the movies that are starred by famous actresses and actors with exciting stories. Besides being fond of newer movies, I am also fond of old movies. However, now I find difficulties to make time for watching movies in cinema. The difficulties are due to my work. In that case, I begin to search for other alternatives in internet to watch movies and finally I find a website which allows us to watch online movies or TV programs. The website is Movies Planet.

To be able to watch free movies in this website, we needed not complicated procedures. What we have to do is registering freely as the member of this site. And, after that, we can watch movies and TV programs that we like.

Do we have to pay to watch those movies and TV programs? No! Movies Planet gives us chances to watch all those online and freely. Movie Planet even lets us give negative rating if there are links which require payment for every movie watched. Why? Because Movie Planet does not save those movies in the server, but serves us any links which will guide us to other sites that are not under their responsibility.

So, what is Movies Planet?

Since 2002, Movies Planet became a social network which concentrated in movies and allowed its members to watch movies online and last episodes of favorite TV programs. It also provided us with complete biography of the actors and actresses and news about cinema and movies.
I, my self, have been the member of Movies Planet besides more than the other 300.000 members. By joining in Movies Planet, we can watch more than 500.000 movies and TV programs and know more than 1.000.000 biography of actresses and actors.

According to me, this site is good enough. But, when I tried to browse a movie entitled “The Red Baron”, I found another movie which did not has relationship with the key terms I wrote in address bar, instead of the movie I searched for. I think Movie Planet should be able to serve the specific results in its search engine. But, generally I really love this site. From this site I know anything about movies. Moreover, if the Movies planet could give facilities "Movies Download", I think must be greater.

I wrote this article for Movies Planet through the program sponsoredreviews.

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