Friday, March 14, 2008

All My Movies, Your Personal Movie Catalog

Everyone knows it is very easy to arrange just ten or twenty tittles of movies. But, what if your movies collection are up to hundreds titles? Absolutely, you will find difficulties to arrange and to label each title, that by the time it is needed, it is easy to find.

So how do you handle that problem?

That's why you need All My Movies, a software that helps you to arrange your movies collection. By using this software you don't need to write details information about every title of your movies collection manually, you just have to type the titles of your movies and All My Movies will automatically download the details information into your movie database.

Supported with tremendous and easy to use features, it is like you have your own personal movie catalog for your movies collection. So, it is the time to use this software and make your day easier.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Water House: Legend of the Deep

Genre: Fantasy/Family (General)
Cast: Alex Atel, Emily Watson, David Morrissey, Craig Hall, Ben Chaplin
Director: Jay Russell
Producer: Jay Russell, Douglas Rae, Robert Bernstein
Production: Columbia Pictures

Angus (Alex Etel), a boy from Skotlandia, found an unsual egg. Bring it home, and finally Angus realize that him face an incredible creature: "The Water Horse" like they ancestors myths.
Angus starting his advanture, face his scary and risk his live to protecting a secret which be a legend.